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Miraj’s Sitars and Tanpuras Awarded Geographical Indication Tags

The small town of Miraj in Maharashtra’s Sangli district is known for its craftsmanship in making musical instruments, particularly sitars and tanpuras. These instruments have now been awarded the coveted Geographical Indication (GI) tags, recognizing their unique origin and quality.

Tradition and Demand

The tradition of making sitars and tanpuras in Miraj goes back more than 300 years, with over seven generations of craftsmen contributing to the development of these string instruments. These Miraj-made instruments are in high demand among prominent artists in the field of classical music and the film industry.

GI Tag and Commercial Value

The GI tag denotes that the products come from a specific geographical area, often enhancing their commercial value. On March 30, the government of India’s intellectual property office issued the GI tag to the Miraj Musical Instruments Cluster for its sitars and to the Soultune Musical Instrument Producer firm for tanpuras.

Miraj Musical Instruments Cluster

The Miraj Musical Instruments Cluster functions as the apex body for both the sitar and tanpura makers in the town. More than 450 craftsmen are engaged in the production of musical instruments, including sitars and tanpuras, under the umbrella of this cluster.

The GI tag recognition is a significant achievement for the Miraj-based musical instrument makers, as it will help to promote and protect the uniqueness of their products, potentially leading to increased demand and commercial opportunities both within India and globally. This milestone also celebrates the rich musical heritage and craftsmanship of the town, which has been passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

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