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‘Moon Man Of India’ Mylswamy Annadurai Joins The Board Of SS Innovations


SS Innovations, India’s renowned surgical robotic firm, has made a groundbreaking announcement by appointing Padmashri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, famously known as the Moon Man of India, as a Director on its Board of Directors. This appointment encompasses both the Indian entity, SS Innovations Private Limited, and the global entity, SS Innovations International. This strategic move aims to further strengthen the company’s position in the field of surgical robotics and cutting-edge technologies.

Guiding SS Innovations to New Horizons

In his capacity as a Director on the Board of SS Innovations, Padmashri Dr. Annadurai, renowned for leading multiple space missions, brings invaluable leadership and guidance. Notably, he is poised to lead not just a team of scientists but, more significantly, guide a team of engineers responsible for the creation of the world-class surgical robotic system incorporating the latest technologies and products.

Dr. Annadurai’s role extends beyond steering SS Innovations internally; he is well-positioned to guide the company towards potential collaborations with indigenous Indian companies. These collaborations could lead to the development and production of components currently used in the SSI MANTRA System. Such partnerships would not only reduce technology costs but also promote high-tech Indian companies on a global stage.

SSI MANTRA: The Pride of SS Innovations

At the heart of SS Innovations lies SSI MANTRA, a pioneering surgical robotic system. This indigenously developed system has garnered acclaim for its unrivaled features, usability, and cutting-edge technology. It proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with international surgical robotic systems, as affirmed by the company’s official statement.

The Remarkable Legacy of Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai

Padmashri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, often hailed as the Moon Man of India, is an esteemed Indian scientist with a remarkable career. He is credited with overseeing two major missions of ISRO – Chandrayaan 1 & 2 and Mangalyaan. One of his most highly publicized roles was serving as the Program Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission.

Following his retirement from ISRO in 2019, Dr. Annadurai assumed the role of Vice President for the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. Additionally, he was nominated as the Chairman of the Board of Governors for the National Design and Research Forum. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Annadurai has been a tireless advocate for encouraging young Indians to pursue careers in science.

Recognizing his exceptional contributions, Dr. Annadurai was bestowed with the Padmashri award in 2016 for Science and Technology, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor. He has also received the Rajyotsava Prashasti award for Science in 2008 from the Government of Karnataka, as well as the IEI-IEEE (USA) Engineering Excellence Award in 2016, among more than 100 national and international awards.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Founder, Chairman, and CEO of SS Innovations: Dr. Sudhir Prem Srivastava

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