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Most Populous Political Leader in the World, Check the List

According to a recent survey by the American consulting firm “Morning Consult” conducted between January 26th and 31st 2023, the political leaders with the largest global support have been identified. In this study, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as the most populous-leader in the world, boasting an impressive 76% approval rating. This solidifies his position as the most highly regarded global leader among the surveyed political figures.

World’s Most Populous Political Leader as of October 20233: Narendra Modi (India)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has risen as the world’s most populous political leader, commanding an astounding 76% approval rating. This figure dwarfs the 40% approval rating of US President Joe Biden, clearly highlighting Modi’s widespread popularity. His exceptional decision-making prowess and leadership skills have catapulted him to the forefront of global politics. Over the past few years, Modi’s reputation has seen a remarkable ascent, solidifying his position as a prominent and influential figure not only in India but also on the international stage.

List of Most Populous Global Leaders by October 2023

Here is the complete list of top global leaders by October 2023 as per the survey of the “Morning Consult”:

Global Leaders Country Approval Rating Disapproval
Narendra Modi India 76% 19%
Andrez Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico 60% 35%
Anthony Albanese Australia 53% 36%
Alain Berset Switzerland 52% 35%
Z Inacio Lula da Silva Brazil 50% 43%
Giorgia Meloni Italy 46% 49%
Pedro Sanchez Spain 44% 52%
Joe Bidden United States 40% 52%
Justin Trudeau Canada 39% 55%
Leo Varadkar Ireland 38% 51%
Alexander De Croo Belgium 35% 48%
Ulf Kristersson Sweden 34% 54%
Mateusz Morawiecki Poland 34% 58%
Karl Nehammer Austria 31% 62%
Rishi Sunak U.K. 29% 67%
Emmanuel Macron France 26% 67%
Olaf Scholz Germany 26% 69%
Mark Rutte Netherlands 25% 69%
Jonas Gahr Store Norway 25% 69%
Fumio Kishida Japan 25% 63%
Yoon Seok-Youl South Korea 21% 73%
Petr Fiala Czech Republic 20% 74%

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Who is the most populous political leader in the world?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as the clear front-runner with an impressive approval rating of 76%, making him the most popular leader in the world.

Which report does reveal the list of most populous leaders in the world

The US-based consulting firm “Morning Consult" is responsible for revealing the list of world’s most popular global leaders for the year 2023.