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Mumbai’s Super Cop Krishna Prakash Honored with Hindi Sahitya Bharati Award

The famous Annual Hindi Sahitya Bharati Award has been given to Krishna Prakash, who is well-known for leading Mumbai Police’s special counterterrorism team, Force One. The award was given out at Mumbai’s multicultural Sab Me Ram Shashwat Shri Ram event.

About Super Cop Krishna Prakash

Krishna Prakash is better known as the officer who heads Force One, the elite counter-terrorism unit of the Mumbai Police. Krishna Prakash is a two-time Guinness World Record holder who achieved his third this one for initiating the maximum number of letters through postcards to Lord Ram, enabling the common man’s direct connection with the divine.

Thoughts of Krishna Prakash

Through the use of dance, theater, music, and literature, the super policeman has envisioned the festival in a way that conveys the story of Lord Ram. According to Krishna, the allure of Lord Ram is global, spanning time and philosophies. “Even Bhakti saint-poet Kabir, who adheres to the Nirgun Niraakaar school of devotion, sings of the existence of Lord Ram in everyone.” Every Sufi poem and every Bhakti poem mentions Lord Ram. The Ram of Kabir and Tulsidas is the same.” The glory of Lord Ram because it is immersive and draws the spectator or listener immediately into the story.

Hindi Sahitya Bharati Award

The Hindi Sahitya Bharati initiative was born out of the realization that bringing together intellectuals on a common platform can significantly enhance cultural and literary efforts. After extensive discussions and consensus among scholars, the name Hindi Sahitya Bharati was chosen to represent the initiative, reflecting the deep cultural and spiritual ethos of Indian society and aims to propagate the values of universal brotherhood and harmony through Hindi literature.


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