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National Handloom Day 2023: Date, Significance and History

The Indian government has chosen August 7 as the annual National Handloom Day, with the key objective of fostering the handloom industry and acknowledging the dedication and expertise of the weaving community. This sector’s artisans, weavers, and producers have been instrumental in safeguarding the rich cultural and traditional legacy of the nation. Additionally, the occasion aims to enhance the visibility and economic well-being of craftsmen and weavers by encouraging their active participation and support. This year nation celebrates 9th National Handloom Day.

Significance of National Handloom Day

This day carries immense importance in raising awareness about the vital role played by the handloom weaving community and underscoring the sector’s substantial impact on our country’s socio-economic progress. The handloom industry serves as a symbolic representation of our nation’s rich cultural heritage and stands as a significant source of national income. With women constituting more than 70% of the workforce in handloom weaving and related roles, the industry becomes a crucial force in women’s empowerment. On this occasion, we recognize and honor the handloom weavers’ community, emphasizing their integral contribution to the nation’s socio-economic advancement. It is reaffirmed that our commitment to preserving our handloom heritage remains unwavering, while also striving to provide increased opportunities and support for handloom weavers and workers.

National Handloom Day history

Originating on August 7, 1905, as a pivotal aspect of India’s struggle for independence, the Swadeshi Movement bore significant implications for the handloom industry. Its core objective was to bolster domestic production and curtail dependence on foreign imports, leading to the widespread adoption of khadi fabric in households across the nation.

In a poignant gesture at Princess Park near India Gate, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the khadi-made Indian flag, symbolizing the nation’s journey toward freedom “at the stroke of midnight hour.” With its inception on August 7, the Swadeshi Movement lent its significance to the designation of National Handloom Day. Inaugurated and observed by the Indian government in Chennai on August 7, 2015, the inaugural National Handloom Day commemorates this historic event.

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Is August 7th National Handloom Day?

Is August 7th National Handloom Day?
The date was specifically chosen as an ode to the Swadeshi Movement which was launched on 7th August, 1905 and had encouraged indigenous industries and in particular handloom weavers.