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National Maritime Day 2022 observed on 5th April

National Maritime Day 2022 Observed on 5th April_4.1

National Maritime Day in India is observed on 5 April every year. This year is the 59th edition of the National Maritime Day. The National Maritime Day is celebrated every year day to illustrate the awareness in supporting intercontinental commerce and the global economy as the most well-organized, safe and sound, environmentally responsive approach of transporting goods from one corner to another corner of the world.

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On this day ‘NMD Award of Excellence’ is usually given during the celebrations and there is a trophy and citation, given to recognize and honour individuals for their lifetime distinguished and exceptional achievements and performances in the Indian Maritime sector at a senior level.

The theme of the National Maritime Day is “Sustainable Shipping beyond Covid-19’’.

History of National Maritime Day of India:

National Maritime Day was first celebrated on April 5, 1964. The saga of Indian shipping first started on April 5, 1919, when the SS Loyalty, the first ship of The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd travelled from Mumbai to the United Kingdom (London). On this day an award called “Varuna” is conferred to those who made an outstanding contribution to the Indian maritime sector.

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National Maritime Day 2022 Observed on 5th April_5.1

Nation celebrates 58th edition of National Maritime Day_90.1

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