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National Wildlife Week 2023: Dates, Theme, Purpose and History


The National Zoological Park recently kick-started the celebration of the 69th Wildlife Week, a significant event aimed at raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation in India. This year’s theme, “Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation,” reflects the collaborative efforts required to protect and preserve the nation’s rich biodiversity. The festivities coincide with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, reinforcing the principles of Ahinsa (non-violence) and compassion for all living beings. The choice of dates for Wildlife Week, spanning from October 2 to October 8, holds deep symbolism.

History of National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week in India has a storied history that dates back to 1952 when the Indian Board of Wildlife first conceptualized the idea. Originally observed as Wildlife Day in 1955, it evolved into a week-long celebration in 1957, gaining significance as a platform to highlight the long-term objectives of safeguarding the country’s precious wildlife.

Dachigam National Park: A Milestone Moment

One of the most notable milestones associated with Wildlife Week is the opening of Dachigam National Park to the public during the 1981 celebration. This momentous decision allowed tourists and nature enthusiasts to explore the park’s breathtaking biodiversity, including the iconic hangul or Kashmir stag. The exposure to Dachigam’s unique wildlife contributed significantly to a greater understanding and appreciation of the region’s natural heritage.

Significance of the Dates

This week-long celebration coincides with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a visionary leader who championed the principles of Ahinsa (non-violence) and compassion toward all living beings. The convergence of these dates serves as a poignant reminder of the moral responsibility shared by all to protect and nurture India’s diverse wildlife.

Theme of UN World Wildlife Day 2023

The theme of  “Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation” aligns with the overarching theme of UN World Wildlife Day in 2023. This theme underscores the critical role that partnerships and collaborative efforts play in ensuring the survival of endangered species and the conservation of their habitats.

Activities Planned for Wildlife Week 2023

The activities planned for Wildlife Week at the National Zoological Park are designed to promote inclusive and collective participation in the cause of wildlife conservation. These activities include:

1. Educational Workshops and Seminars

Educational workshops and seminars will be conducted to inform the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. These events will focus on raising awareness and providing information on the various challenges facing India’s wildlife.

2. Wildlife Photography Exhibitions

Wildlife photography exhibitions will showcase the beauty and diversity of India’s wildlife. This visual medium serves as a powerful tool to inspire appreciation and protection of the country’s natural treasures.

3. Guided Tours and Nature Walks

Guided tours and nature walks within the National Zoological Park will provide visitors with an opportunity to connect with wildlife firsthand. These experiences aim to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving natural habitats.

4. Conservation Pledges

Visitors will have the chance to make conservation pledges, committing to take specific actions to support wildlife conservation efforts. These pledges can range from reducing plastic usage to participating in local conservation initiatives.

5. Art and Craft Workshops

Art and craft workshops will encourage creativity among children and adults, allowing them to express their love for wildlife through various artistic mediums.

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