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Nepal designates 2025 as a ‘Special tourism year’

Nepal designates 2025 as a ‘Special tourism year’

During the joint meeting of the federal parliament, President Ram Chandra Paudel announced that the decade of the 2080s in the Bikram Samvat calendar would be recognized as ‘the Visit Nepal decade’ and that the year 2025 will be designated as a special year for tourism. These declarations were presented as part of the policies and programmes for the 2080/81 fiscal year.

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Nepal designates 2025 as a ‘Special tourism year’: Key Points

  • The tourism sector in Nepal had experienced a significant decline due to the COVID-19 crisis, but is slowly bouncing back.
  • Recent statistics maintained by the Nepal Tourism Board show that nearly one lakh tourists have been visiting Nepal monthly since the start of 2023. Over the first four months of that year, Nepal recorded the arrival of more than 3.26 lakh foreign tourists.
  • To further support the recovery of the country’s tourism industry, the President declared that timely revisions would be made to tourism-related laws.
  • Additionally, Nepal’s tourist destinations will be promoted in the international community, and necessary infrastructure will be prepared accordingly.
  • New tourist destinations will be identified in all seven provinces of Nepal, and each province will be transformed into a cultural village.
  • New mountains will also be opened up for climbing, and security arrangements for climbers and tourists will be significantly enhanced to ensure their safety.
  • Moreover, President Paudel emphasized the potential of film tourism and promised to both materialize and expand this concept.
  • Additionally, he declared that new dimensions will be added to adventure tourism, creating more opportunities for visitors to participate in thrilling experiences.

Finally, recognizing the vital role that foreigners can play in elevating the prominence of Nepal’s art, culture, language, and literature on the world stage, the President announced that a special honor called the ‘Samarmatha Special Honour’ will be conferred on foreign nationals who contribute to promoting Nepal’s cultural values. This effort will be undertaken in partnership with the private sector.

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