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Nepal Hosts Inaugural Rainbow Tourism Conference, Paving the Way for Inclusive Travel

Mayako Pahichan Nepal, in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board, orchestrated the groundbreaking first International Rainbow Tourism Conference. This one-day event marks a significant leap forward in fostering diversity and inclusivity within Nepal’s tourism industry, positioning the country as a welcoming destination for the sexual minority community in South Asia.

Participants and Objective

The conference drew around 120 attendees, including members of the LGBTI community, NGOs, activists, writers, and media representatives from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, and the US. Its primary objective was to position Nepal as a leading LGBT-friendly tourism destination, leveraging rainbow tourism to promote economic growth and social empowerment within the LGBTI community.

Rights of LGBT Community

Nepal’s commitment to LGBT rights is underscored by its constitution and reinforced by landmark Supreme Court decisions. With over 3,100 formal registrations of LGBT individuals, Nepal has formulated laws ensuring equal treatment and a violence-free environment. The Supreme Court’s directives, including legalizing same-sex marriage, demonstrate Nepal’s dedication to justice and equality for all citizens.

Declaration and Commitment

The conference concluded with a declaration reaffirming Nepal’s unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the tourism industry. As Nepal embraces rainbow tourism, it sends a powerful message of acceptance and tolerance to the world, striving to create a world where every traveler feels embraced and empowered.

Through initiatives like this conference, Nepal solidifies its position as a beacon of inclusivity in global tourism, promising not only economic growth but also a more equitable and accepting world for all.

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