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Nepal’s Kami Rita Sherpa Sets New Record with 29th Everest Ascent

Renowned Nepali mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa has achieved a historic feat by conquering Mount Everest for the 29th time. At 54 years old, Kami reached the 8,849-meter summit at 7:25 am local time on Sunday, leading a group of climbers organized by Seven Summit Treks. His remarkable journey began in 1992, and since then, he has fearlessly conquered several of the world’s highest peaks, including K2, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Manaslu. Kami’s dedication and expertise have solidified his place in mountaineering history.

Record-Breaking Ascent

Kami’s latest ascent marks a milestone in his illustrious mountaineering career. Last year, he achieved two successful summits in the same season, securing his position as the individual with the highest number of Everest ascents. Despite challenges and risks, Kami continues to inspire climbers around the world with his remarkable achievements.

International Recognition

Meanwhile, British climber Kenton Cool has also made headlines by scaling Everest for the 18th time, surpassing his own record for the most Everest summits by a foreign climber. Cool’s accomplishments highlight the international appeal and allure of Mount Everest, drawing climbers from diverse backgrounds to test their skills and endurance on the world’s tallest peak.

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