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Newly launched Google Bard lose $100bn in one error

Google Bard lose $100bn

Alphabet Inc. lost $100 billion in market value shortly after its new chatbot inadvertently disclosed false information in a promotional video. While Microsoft shares jumped almost 3% before losing some of their gains, its shares fell as much as 9% during regular trade.

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Google Bard lose $100bn in one error: Key Points

  • Initially, Reuters called attention to a mistake in Google’s advertisement for its debuting chatbot Bard.
  • The article discussed which satellite was the first to capture images of a planet outside of our solar system.
  • After OpenAI, a company Microsoft is investing $10 billion in, unveiled software in November that amazed users and became a craze in Silicon Valley circles for its shockingly accurate and well-written responses to straightforward questions, Google has been reeling.
  • Details about how and when Bard will be incorporated into Google’s main search function were not included in the live-streamed presentation. Just before the presentation, Mountain View, California-based Google found the mistakes in Bard.

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Bard’s Incorrect Response Costs $100bn loss to Google

The software behemoth and Google’s competitor, Microsoft, held a press conference the day before, boasting that a version of Bing search with ChatGPT features integrated had already been made available to the general public, according to Reuters. Alphabet Inc. promised on Twitter that a brief GIF video showing Bard in action would help explain complex subjects, but it actually provided an incorrect response.

The JWST may have been used to capture the first images of a planet outside of the solar system, or exoplanets, according to one of Bard’s responses. But as NASA has confirmed, it was the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory that captured the first images of exoplanets in 2004.

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