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NHPC Won Second Prize In The ‘Annual Report’ Category At The ‘PRSI National Awards 2023


NHPC Limited, the leading hydropower company in India, secured the second prize in the ‘Annual Report’ category at the ‘PRSI National Awards 2023.’ This accolade was bestowed upon NHPC during the International Public Relations Festival hosted by the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) from November 25th to 27th, 2023, in New Delhi. The award specifically acknowledges the exceptional quality, layout, and design of NHPC’s Annual Report for the fiscal year 2022-23.

NHPC Limited: Pioneering India’s Energy Evolution

  • NHPC Limited, headquartered in Faridabad, India, is a prominent public sector hydropower company with a rich history dating back to its incorporation in 1975.
  • Initially established with the primary goal of planning, promoting, and organizing the integrated development of hydroelectric power, NHPC has evolved over the years to embrace a diverse range of energy sources.
  • Under the leadership of Shri Rajeev Kumar Vishnoi, the current Chairman & Managing Director, NHPC has become a key player in the Indian energy sector.

Mini Ratna Category-I Enterprise

  • NHPC has earned recognition as a Mini Ratna Category-I Enterprise, a prestigious designation conferred by the Government of India.
  • This acknowledgment underscores NHPC’s excellence in performance and its significant contribution to the nation’s energy infrastructure.
  • As one of the top ten companies in India based on investment base, NHPC continues to play a crucial role in shaping the energy sector’s future.

Milestones: Baira Suil Power Station

  • The journey of NHPC began with the ambitious Baira Suil Power Station, located in the Salooni Tehsil of Chamba district.
  • This hydroelectric project marked NHPC’s first foray into power generation and set the stage for the company’s subsequent growth.
  • Over the years, NHPC has successfully undertaken and executed numerous projects, contributing substantially to India’s energy needs.

Diversification into Renewable Energy

  • In response to the growing need for sustainable and diversified energy solutions, NHPC has expanded its portfolio beyond hydroelectric power.
  • The company has ventured into solar, geothermal, tidal, and wind energy projects, aligning with the global push for cleaner and more environmentally friendly sources of power.

Shareholding Structure

  • The Government of India and State Governments collectively hold 74.51% of the company’s shares as promoters, underlining the strategic importance of NHPC in fulfilling the nation’s energy requirements.
  • The remaining 25.49% is held by the public, with a total of 191,337 shareholders. NHPC’s share capital stands at a substantial ₹12,300,742,773, emphasizing its robust financial foundation.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q: What was NHPC Limited’s first hydroelectric project, and where is it located?

A: Baira Suil Power Station, located in the Salooni Tehsil of Chamba district.

Q: Who is the current Chairman & Managing Director of NHPC?

A: Shri Rajeev Kumar Vishnoi.

Q: What prestigious designation has NHPC earned from the Government of India?

A: Mini Ratna Category-I Enterprise.

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NHPC Won Second Prize In The 'Annual Report' Category At The 'PRSI National Awards 2023_4.1

NHPC Won Second Prize In The 'Annual Report' Category At The 'PRSI National Awards 2023_5.1