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Noida Recognized As “Water Warrior” City

Noida, a city in the National Capital Region, has garnered recognition for its efforts in water conservation and management. The Department of Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation, under the Union Water Ministry, has honored Noida with the title of “Water Warrior” city. This recognition comes as a testament to the city’s measures in waste water treatment and reuse for various purposes, particularly irrigation.

Awarded for Best Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Reuse Project

  • In a ceremony held in Delhi, Noida was applauded for its achievements in two categories at the World Water Award 2023-24.
  • The city clinched the title of the best sewage treatment plant (STP) and also received accolades for its water reuse project of the year.
  • Satish Pal, the additional chief executive officer of the Noida Authority, along with RP Singh, the deputy general manager of the authority’s water department, received these awards on behalf of the city.

Sewage Treatment Capacity and Utilization

  • Noida currently boasts eight sewage treatment plants (STPs) with a capacity of 411 million litres daily (MLD). These plants play a role in treating sewage, with an output of 260 MLD.
  • Noida utilizes treated water, with 70-75 MLD being repurposed for various applications. From irrigation of green belt parks and golf courses to construction activities and firefighting, the treated water finds use across the city.

Targets for Water Reuse

  • Looking ahead to the fiscal year 2024-25, the Noida Authority has set targets to increase the utilization of treated water. With a goal of reaching 125 MLD, the city aims to maximize the potential of its sewage treatment infrastructure.
  • To ensure the quality of treated water meets standards, the authority has undertaken upgrades, including the integration of tertiary treatment plants and online connectivity with the Central Pollution Control Board server.

Approaches to Drainage Management

  • Recognizing the importance of maintaining waterways, the Noida Authority has devised strategies for drainage management.
  • Plans are underway to construct STPs along major drains, while an equal number will undergo in-situ methods of cleaning.
  • These initiatives are aimed at safeguarding the purity of water before it reaches the Yamuna River, contributing to the broader goal of river conservation and environmental sustainability.

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