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Nokia updates their logo to mark the beginning of a new era

Nokia updates their logo

Nokia will no longer use the colour blue and will instead use whatever is more fitting given the circumstances, therefore no particular colour scheme is allocated. Nokia is now a “enterprise technology company,” according to Lundmark, rather than just a maker of smartphones.

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Nokia updates their logo: Key Points

  • Nokia will put more of an emphasis on selling equipment to other companies while also expanding its telecom equipment business.
  • They include tools for automated manufacturing and private 5G networks, positioning the business as a rival to Microsoft and Amazon in the industry.
  • A “three-phased approach to generate sustainable, profitable growth” is being developed by Nokia. It was stated that Nokia will “continue to accelerate” following the reset phase to establish itself as “an unchallenged technology leader.”
  • The announcement on Sunday is consistent with Nokia’s long-term financial objectives, which were reaffirmed with Q4 2022 results.
Nokia's New Logo
Nokia’s New Logo

About Nokia’s New Logo:

  • Nokia made the first modification to the company’s brand identification in nearly 60 years.
  • The overhaul, which comes with a brand-new logo, is a part of the Finnish 5G equipment manufacturer’s goal on expansion and “be in businesses where we can see global leadership.”
  • The logo isn’t blue anymore. The word “NOKIA” is now rendered in a variety of colours and five different shapes.
  • “The company’s new logo expresses the principles and mission of Nokia in a vibrant, energetic, and modern way. It was created as a representation of teamwork, which, in Nokia’s opinion, is essential for networks to reach their full potential and achieve improvements in sustainability, productivity, and accessibility.”

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What’s Nokia’s plan?

Nokia is focused on four major “enablers” to meet the targets: creating future-ready talent, investing in long-term research, particularly in important areas like 6G, digitising internal operations to increase agility and productivity, and rebranding.

Nearly ten years ago, Nokia stopped manufacturing mobile phones. According to CEO Lundmark, the redesign was done to disassociate the company’s name from its products.

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