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Noted Marathi poet Namdeo Dhondo Mahanor passes away

Noted Marathi poet and lyricist Namdeo Dhondo Mahanor, popularly known as Na Dho Mahanor, passed away. He was 81. Mahanor was best known for his poems and lyrics for Marathi movies. Born in 1942, Namdeo Dhondo Mahanor was awarded Padma Shri in 1991. He had also been a member of the state legislative council. Mahanor penned several popular poems and songs, including ‘Jagala Prem Arpave’, ‘Ganga Wahu De Nirmal’ and ‘Divelaganichi Vel’, and also wrote songs for Marathi movies like ‘Ek Hota Vidushak’, ‘Jait Re Jait’, ‘Sarja’ and others.

Born in a small village in Aurangabad (now called ‘Sambahajinagar’), one of Mr. Mahanor early works, the novel Ajintha (1984), detailing a 19th century love story about the English soldier-antiquarian Major Robert Gill (who copied the Ajanta cave frescoes) and a tribal girl, was later made into a film by acclaimed art director Nitin Chandrakant Desai, who incidentally passed a day before Mr. Mahanor. Mahanor experimented with art and agriculture. It can be seen through his films like Mukta, the Lavani songs he wrote for the movie ‘Ek Hota Vidushak’ that became very popular. He named the custard apples grown in his farm, which weren’t affected by drought, Lataphal.

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