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NRC: Full Form, Objectives, Eligibility and NRC for Assam

NRC Full Form

NRC’s full form is the National Register of Citizens. The national register of citizens was published in 1951 to record the citizens, their houses, and their holdings in India. It contains all details of Indian citizens. The National register of citizens is the primary method used to detect all the illegal immigrants living in different states of India. If the person registers themselves under the NRC, they will not be considered illegal immigrants and they will be protected from the harassment. It gives access to government schemes and as a citizen of India, they can enjoy all the facilities provided by the government. The first census of India was recorded in 1951 under the national register of citizens by recording all the details about all the citizens of India.

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Objectives of NRC

The objective of NRC was to identify the illegal immigrants who migrated from Bangladesh after 24th March 1971 to Assam. The NRC served as a checklist to determine whether the citizens who apply for their names in the NRC are genuine citizens of Assam or not. The basic criteria used for identification were the names of the family members of the applicant should be present in the NRC prepared in 1951 or the electoral roll until 24th March 1971.

A person can present the government documents as proof of his or her citizenship documents as a birth certificate, LIC policy, refugee registration certificate, land and tendency records, citizenship certificate, passport, government-issued license or certificate, Bank account or post office account, and permanent resident certificate, Government employment certificate, and educational certificate.

NRC of Assam

Assam is the border state to Bangladesh and the illegal immigrants migrated to Assam from Bangladesh. The Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act, 1983 was passed by the government, after the register of citizens created in 1951 to weed out the illegal immigrants was not maintained regularly. The NRC of Assam was lacking as it was not maintained properly for years. In 2019, the final update for NRC for Assam was published. It contained 31 million (3.1 crores) names out of its population of 33 million (3.3 crores), it left 1.9 million (19 lakh) citizens who applied their names for NRC. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was the party that promoted NCR and claimed that it did not find the expected results in the final publication of NRC. On 19th November 2019, Home Minister Amit Shah declared the NRC implementation throughout the country in the Rajya Sabha of the Parliament of India.

Eligibility criteria for NRC

  1. Anyone whose name appear in 1972 NRC or any of the electoral rolls before midnight on 24th March 1971 as well as their descendants.
  2. Person who has registered themselves for the foreign registration regional officer by Central Government guidelines and are not regarded as illegal migrants or foreigners by any government
  3. Anyone who arrived in Assam on or after 1st January 1966 but before 25th March 1971.
  4. People who are originally Assamese residents as well as their off-springs and descendants who are a citizen of India, if there is citizenship is proven beyond the reasonable doubt by the registration authorities.
  5. Person who can provide any of the documents included in the list of documents eligible for citizens issued up to midnight on 24th March 1971.

FAQs related to NRP

1. What is the full form of NRC?
Ans. NRC stands for National Register of Citizens. It is a Register containing the names of all genuine Indian citizens.

2. When was the first national register of citizens compiled?
Ans. The first national register of citizens was compiled in 1951.

3. What is the fifth category in the national register of citizens?
Ans. In the fifth category of the national register of citizens, those whose names had not been included in the draft of NRC with their family members for included.

4. What is the Indian citizenship register?
Ans. The Indian citizenship register includes demographic information about all those individuals who qualify as a citizen of India as per the citizenship act of 1955.

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