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NSDC And Saudi Arabia Govt Join Hands To Safeguard Indian Laborers’ Rights


The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Saudi Arabia, marking a significant step towards protecting the rights of skilled labourers from India. This collaboration aims to enhance transparency and ensure the well-being of Indian workers employed in Saudi Arabia.

Registration Process and Skill Categories

According to NSDC CEO Ved Mani Tiwari, skilled labourers in India can register themselves at NSDC free of cost. Through this registration, the NSDC aims to track the whereabouts of workers, the nature of their work, and the entities they are associated with. The registration process is open to skilled labourers across various categories, including AC mechanics and car painters, fostering inclusivity.

Expansion of Skill India Mission

Highlighting the importance of the Skill India Mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Tiwari mentioned that NSDC is currently collaborating with 13 countries. Additionally, plans are underway to establish 30 skill international centres in the near future, further bolstering the mission’s global reach.

Regulation of Recruitment Agents

Tiwari emphasized that not all agents facilitating travel to Saudi Arabia from India are unscrupulous. However, those opting for agent-assisted journeys must register with NSDC. This ensures that the documentation process is streamlined and aligns with regulatory standards, adding an extra layer of protection for the workers.

Wage Protection System and Freedom of Mobility

Ahmed Al Yamani, Vice Chairman of the Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC), revealed that a wage protection system has been implemented in Saudi Arabia. This electronic system aims to guarantee timely payment for all workers. Non-compliance with this system can result in the freezing of services for the concerned company or organization, preventing them from engaging with the government.

Global Labour Market Conference (GLMC)

The recently concluded GLMC, attended by 6,652 individuals from 40 countries, provided a platform for discussing crucial aspects of international labor markets. Minister of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, Ahmad bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, stressed the importance of ongoing dialogue to prepare labor markets for inclusivity and shared ideas on achieving this goal.

NSDC: Fostering Excellence in Vocational Training and Workforce Development

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), founded on July 31, 2008, operates as a not-for-profit public limited company according to the Companies Act, 1956. Its primary objective is to act as a catalyst in fostering the establishment of substantial, high-quality, and financially sustainable vocational institutions.

The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), representing the Government of India, maintains a 49% stake in NSDC, with the remaining 51% of the share capital being held by the private sector

NSDC: Empowering Skill Development Through Strategic Investments

NSDC plays a crucial role in providing financial support for scalable and profitable vocational training initiatives. This funding is instrumental in creating a conducive environment for skill development, thereby contributing to a more skilled and employable workforce in India. As part of its mandate, NSDC is actively involved in setting up a robust support system for quality assurance, information systems, and trainer academies, either directly or through strategic partnerships.

Key Points:

  • NSDC signs MoU with Saudi Arabia to protect Indian skilled labourers’ rights.
  • Registration at NSDC is mandatory for skilled labourers heading to Saudi Arabia.
  • Free registration process for all categories, including AC mechanics and car painters.
  • NSDC CEO Ved Mani Tiwari emphasizes collaboration with 13 countries and plans for 30 international skill centers.
  • Implementation of a wage protection system in Saudi Arabia ensures timely payments; non-compliance freezes services for defaulting entities.

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