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Ojas Deotale is Nagpur’s First Asian Games Gold Medalist


In the final of 19th Asian Games 2023, on Saturday at the Fuyang Yinhu Sports Centre, Indian archer Ojas Deotale from Nagpur won gold medal in the men’s individual compound archery event. This victory marks Ojus Deotale third gold medal in the Asian Games 2023, solidifying his position as one of India’s most successful athlete in the tournament.

A Historic Hat-Trick

Ojus Deotale’s third gold medal in this edition of the Asian Games 2023, making him the joint most successful Indian sportsperson in this Asian Games. Prior to his victory, Deotale had earlier won gold medals in Compound Men’s Team and Compound Mixed Team competitions.

Precision and Consistency

Ojus Deotale’s success can be attributed to his exceptional precision and determination in the archery field. Deotale missed the 10-point circle only once in the centre of the target only once as he compiled a score of 140 out of a possible 150 in the final in which each archer shoots five rounds (called End in archery) with three arrows in each round.

Tense Moments in the Final

Deotale, the 21-year-old from Nagpur in Maharashtra who won the World Championship in Berlin earlier this year, shot his only score of nine in the final on in the second arrow of the fourth round. In contrast, Verma encountered a nine off the third arrow in the second round and then got an eight on the second arrow of the third, thus pushing him three points behind Deotale.

Deotale’s Decisive Victory

While Verma managed to narrow the gap by winning the fourth round 30-29, it was not enough to overtake Deotale. In the fifth and final round, Deotale shot a perfect of 30, sealing his voctory and solidifying his status as the most successul Indian athlete at the Asian Games 2023.

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