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Om Birla Inaugurates 9th C’wealth Parliamentary Conference in Udaipur

The eagerly awaited Ninth India Region Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) took place in the historic city of Udaipur, located in the state of Rajasthan. Stretched across a duration of two days, the event received its inauguration from the distinguished Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla. With the core objective of exploring the theme “Enhancing Democracy and Effective Governance in the Digital Era,” the conference aimed to facilitate insightful discussions and exchange of ideas among its participants.

Distinguished Attendees and Dignitaries

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities from the political and parliamentary spectrum. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh, Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi, and CPA Chairperson Ian Liddell-Grainger, among others, graced the occasion with their presence.

A Cohesive Network of Legislatures

The India Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association comprises a network of 31 legislatures from various corners of the country. This vast and diverse assembly of legislative bodies represents the unique challenges and perspectives of different states and regions. With the second-largest number of member branches after the African Region, the India Region is positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping parliamentary discourse on critical issues.

Fostering Democracy and Governance in the Digital Era

The core theme of the conference reflected the urgent requirement to adjust democratic institutions in response to the challenges and possibilities presented by the digital revolution. With technology persistently reshaping societal dynamics, the imperative for parliamentarians and policymakers to convene was evident. Their objective was to deliberate on strategies that effectively utilize digital tools’ potential while concurrently upholding the tenets of democratic values and sound governance.

Exploring Digital Empowerment for Good Governance

A pivotal aspect of the conference involved the exploration of how digital empowerment could enhance governance effectiveness and accountability. During the event, presiding officers of state legislatures actively participated in brainstorming sessions with the goal of pinpointing strategies to equip public representatives with the skills needed to promote effective governance using digital tools. Additionally, the discussions also encompassed the examination of the role of elected representatives in strengthening the nation through democratic institutions.

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