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Only 1% women live in countries with high gender parity, female empowerment: UN report

A new global report, launched by UN Women and UNDP at the Women Deliver Conference, highlights the challenges in achieving gender parity and women’s empowerment worldwide. The report introduces two indices – Women’s Empowerment Index (WEI) and Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI) – as tools to assess progress in women’s human development.

Restricted Power and Freedom for Women

The analysis of 114 countries indicates that women’s power and freedom to make choices and seize opportunities remain largely restricted. Low women’s empowerment and significant gender gaps are common.

The Women’s Empowerment Index (WEI)

Country Women’s Empowerment Index (WEI) Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI)
United States 73.5% 78.2%
United Kingdom 76.9% 77.6%
India 53.2% 60.8%
Brazil 65.8% 71.3%
China 62.4% 68.1%
Germany 80.5% 80.9%
France 75.1% 76.4%
South Africa 61.3% 63.9%
Japan 68.7% 72.5%
Canada 78.3% 79.1%
  • The WEI measures women’s power and freedoms across dimensions like health, education, inclusion, decision-making, and violence against women.
  • Globally, women achieve only 60% of their full potential, as measured by the WEI.

The Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI)

  • The GGPI evaluates women’s status relative to men in core dimensions of human development, including health, education, inclusion, and decision-making.
  • On average, women achieve 72% of what men do, reflecting a 28% gender gap.

Concerning Findings and Call for Action

  • Less than 1% of women and girls live in countries with both high women’s empowerment and gender parity.
  • More than 90% of the female population lives in countries with significant empowerment deficits and gender gaps.

The Role of the Indices

The WEI and GGPI serve as tools for policymakers, providing evidence for progress and guiding action towards women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Accelerating Progress and Achieving SDGs

The report’s findings are vital for the stock-taking moment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Policymakers, stakeholders, and communities can use these indices to advance towards a more equitable and inclusive world.

About UN Women and UNDP

UN Women is dedicated to gender equality and empowering women, while UNDP is leading efforts to combat poverty, inequality, and climate change globally.

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