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Oxfam India released ‘Inequality Kills’ Report

Oxfam India released 'Inequality Kills' Report 2022_4.1

According to Oxfam India, “Inequality Kills” report, the wealth of India’s richest families reached to a record high in 2021. In the report, India was described as a ‘very unequal,’ country, as the top 10 people in India holds 57 per cent of the wealth. On the other hand, the share of the bottom half is 13 per cent.

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The report states that 84% of Indian households witnessed an income decline amid the covid-19 pandemic. The richest 98 Indians own the same wealth as the bottom 552 million people. The number of Indian billionaires increased from 102 to 142, during 2021. The wealth of the top 100 families is Rs 57.3 trillion.

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Oxfam India released 'Inequality Kills' Report 2022_5.1

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