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Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index: Delhi Leads Indian Rankings

In the latest Oxford Economics’ Global Cities Index, Delhi emerges as the highest-ranked Indian city, securing the 350th position among the world’s 1000 largest cities. However, no Indian city managed to break into the top 300. The index, encompassing cities from 163 countries, evaluates cities across five key categories: Economics, Human Capital, Quality of Life, Environment, and Governance. New York clinches the top spot, with London, San Jose, Tokyo, and Paris following suit.

Indian Cities Rankings: Delhi Leads, Bengaluru, Mumbai Follow

In India, besides Delhi, other major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai make appearances in the index. Bengaluru secures the 411th position, while Mumbai and Chennai follow at 427 and 472, respectively. Notably, South Indian cities seem to fare relatively better in the rankings.

Insights into City Rankings

The rankings, based on a holistic assessment, provide insights into the economic, social, and environmental standings of cities worldwide. Factors such as human capital, governance, and quality of life contribute to the overall scores, offering a comprehensive view of each city’s strengths and weaknesses.

Oxford Economics: Leading Economic Research Firm

Oxford Economics, renowned as the world’s foremost independent economic advisory firm, leverages its extensive datasets to create the Global Cities Index. With a presence in over 200 countries and expertise across various sectors, the firm offers invaluable insights into global economic landscapes.

Regional Comparisons: South Asia’s Performance

While Indian cities secure varied positions on the index, Islamabad and Rawalpindi lead the rankings for Pakistan, securing the 578th spot. The comparison sheds light on the relative standings of cities within the South Asian region.

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