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Parisians vote to ban e-scooters in hotly debated referendum

89% of Parisians vote to ban e-scooters in a referendum

Parisians have voted to ban rental electric scooters from the streets of the city, with 89% of voters in favor of the proposed ban. The referendum was held on Sunday, but only 7% of eligible voters turned out. The ban will come into effect on September 1, 2023, when the contract allowing three companies to operate around 15,000 e-scooters in Paris comes to an end.

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The backlash against e-scooters grows in Paris amid safety concerns

The introduction of e-scooters in Paris in 2018 was seen as a green alternative to cars, but they soon became a source of controversy as the number of accidents involving them rose. Many Parisians complained that the scooters were “an eyesore and a traffic menace”. Local authorities introduced stringent regulations to address the issue, but accidents involving e-scooters continued to increase, with 459 reported in 2022, three of which were fatal.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to ban e-scooters after the referendum

Critics also argue that e-scooters may not be as environmentally friendly as they seem, with greenhouse gas emissions generated during their manufacture, transportation, and disposal. Mayor Hidalgo announced a referendum on banning e-scooters in January, and over 103,000 of the city’s 1.38 million registered voters cast their ballots, overwhelmingly in favor of the ban.

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