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PM Launches Khelo India Youth Games 2023 In Chennai, Tamil Nadu


The 6th edition of the Khelo India Youth Games was inaugurated with great enthusiasm by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The opening ceremony witnessed not only the commencement of the much-awaited sporting event but also the launch and foundation stone laying of significant projects in the Broadcasting sector, valued at around Rs 250 crores.

A Cultural Extravaganza and Torch Lighting Spectacle

Prime Minister Modi graced the event with his presence and participated in a vibrant cultural program. The highlight of the ceremony was the lighting of the Games’ torch, symbolizing the official inauguration of Khelo India Youth Games. The torch was handed over by two athletes and placed on the cauldron, marking the beginning of an exciting sporting extravaganza.

A Warm Welcome to Athletes from Across the Nation

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi extended a warm welcome to participants, marking the 6th Khelo India Games as a fantastic start to the year 2024. He shared that the event would witness athletes from all 36 states and union territories of India, showcasing the diverse talent and sporting spirit prevalent across the nation.

Eyes on the Future: Preparing for Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028

With a focus on upcoming global sporting events, Prime Minister Modi mentioned India’s preparations for the Paris Olympics in the current year and the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. He assured that every possible assistance under the TOPS initiative is being provided to athletes, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to their success on the international stage.

Coastal Cities and Sports Tourism: A New Era Begins

Prime Minister Modi celebrated the inclusion of 8 traditional Indian sports in the Games, attended by 1600 athletes. He highlighted the significance of these games in benefiting coastal cities, ushering in a new era of beach games and sports tourism.

Transformative Initiatives: National Sports University and More

The Prime Minister proudly mentioned the establishment of India’s first National Sports University and the creation of over 300 prestigious academies under the Khelo India campaign. With 1,000 Khelo India centers and more than 30 centers of excellence, the sports infrastructure in the country has received a significant boost. Additionally, he pointed out the integration of sports into the main curriculum under the new National Education Policy, creating awareness about sports as a viable career option from childhood.

South India’s Maiden Khelo India Experience

This year’s Khelo India Youth Games hold historical significance as they mark the first time the event is being hosted in South India. The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai served as the venue for the opening ceremony. The Games will be spread across four cities in Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, and Coimbatore, captivating audiences from the 19th to the 31st of January 2024.

Veera Mangai: Symbol of Valor and Strength

The mascot for the Khelo India Youth Games 2023, Veera Mangai, pays tribute to Rani Velu Nachiyar, an Indian queen who fought against British colonial rule. The mascot embodies the strength and valor of Indian women, symbolizing the power of women in sports. The logo of the games features the figure of the renowned poet Thiruvalluvar.

Diverse Sporting Extravaganza: 26 Disciplines and a Demo Sport

Over 5600 athletes will participate in this edition, engaging in 26 sporting disciplines that include both conventional and traditional sports. Notably, Silambam, a traditional sport of Tamil Nadu, will be introduced as a demo sport for the first time in Khelo India Youth Games history.

Broadcasting Sector Boost: Projects Worth Rs 250 Crores

In addition to the sporting spectacle, Prime Minister Modi launched and laid the foundation stone for projects in the Broadcasting sector, amounting to around Rs 250 crores. These include the revamped DD Podhigai channel as DD Tamil, 12 Akashvani FM projects in 8 States, and 4 DD transmitters in Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, the Prime Minister initiated the foundation stone laying for 26 new FM transmitter projects in 12 States.

Important Questions Related to Exams

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3. Where is India’s first National Sports University located?

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