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PM Modi first Indian prime minister to visit Greece in 40 years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a landmark visit to Greece, marking a significant diplomatic milestone as he became the first Indian Prime Minister to set foot in the country in 40 years. This visit is aimed at fortifying the bilateral relationship between India and Greece, and it comes at the invitation of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Warm Welcome from Indian Community

As Prime Minister Modi arrived in the Greek capital of Athens, he was warmly greeted by the Indian community residing in Greece. A symbolic gesture of cultural exchange was presented as they gifted him with a traditional Greek headdress, symbolizing the bridging of cultures and the strong ties that the two nations share.

Diplomatic Dialogues: Cementing Bilateral Relations

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi is set to engage in crucial talks with his Greek counterpart, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The primary objective of these discussions is to further solidify the existing relationship between the two countries. The talks are expected to encompass a wide range of areas, including economic cooperation, defense collaboration, and people-to-people connections.

Meeting with Dignitaries: Strengthening Diplomatic Bonds

Apart from his meeting with Prime Minister Mitsotakis, Prime Minister Modi is also anticipated to have an audience with Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou. This high-level interaction adds another layer to the strengthening of diplomatic bonds between the two nations.

Economic Emphasis: Business Leaders and Indian Diaspora Interaction

Recognizing the importance of economic collaboration, PM Modi is scheduled to engage with prominent business leaders from both India and Greece. This interaction aims to foster deeper economic ties, promote investments, and explore avenues for trade growth between the two countries. Furthermore, the Prime Minister will also connect with the Indian diaspora in Greece, highlighting the role of this community in enhancing cultural exchanges and people-to-people relations.

Shared Civilization and Collaborative Endeavors

India and Greece share a history steeped in civilization and culture, which forms the foundation for their strong modern-day partnership. Recent years have witnessed the growth of cooperation in various sectors, notably maritime transport, defense, and trade. This visit seeks to build upon these existing collaborations and pave the way for further synergies.

Historical Significance

The last time a sitting Indian Prime Minister visited Greece was in September 1983, when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi undertook a significant trip to the nation. PM Modi’s visit, after a four-decade gap, marks a historic moment in the diplomatic relations between the two countries and signifies India’s commitment to fostering stronger global ties.

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