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PM To Inaugurate World Food India 2023 Mega Food Event


Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugrate World Food India 2023, a celebration of India’s culinary heritage and its global food potential. This second edition unites culture, cuisine, and commerce, providing a platform for discussions, partnerships, and agri-food sector investments. The event will commence in Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do the honors.

Inauguration and Support for Self Help Groups

  • A notable highlight of the inauguration will be the Prime Minister’s commitment to supporting Self Help Groups (SHGs) by disbursing seed capital assistance for over one lakh SHG members.
  • This support aims to empower SHGs to enhance their market presence by improving packaging and manufacturing quality. As stated by the Prime Minister’s Office, this initiative will enable SHGs to realize better prices in the market.

Food Street: A Gastronomic Journey

  • One of the most anticipated attractions of World Food India 2023 is the ‘Food Street.’ This culinary delight will showcase regional cuisines and the royal culinary heritage of India.
  • Over 200 chefs will come together to present traditional Indian cuisine, offering a unique and immersive culinary experience. The Food Street’s intention is to celebrate India’s diverse food culture and present it as a vibrant tapestry that reflects the nation’s rich heritage.

Showcasing India as the ‘Food Basket of the World’

  • World Food India 2023 aims to position India as the ‘food basket of the world.’ The event coincides with the celebration of 2023 as the International Year of Millets, further emphasizing the importance of diverse and sustainable food sources.
  • The event will bring together government bodies, industry professionals, farmers, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders to facilitate discussions, partnership establishment, and exploration of investment opportunities in the agri-food sector.

CEO Roundtables: Focusing on Investment and Ease of Doing Business

  • As part of the event, CEO roundtables will be organized with a specific focus on investment and the Ease of Doing Business in the agri-food sector. These discussions will provide a platform for top industry leaders to exchange ideas, share insights, and chart a course for the sector’s future growth.

Pavilions Showcasing Indian Food Processing Industry

  • World Food India 2023 will feature various pavilions designed to showcase the innovation and strength of the Indian food processing industry. These pavilions will provide an opportunity for businesses to present their latest products and technologies, fostering innovation and competitiveness within the sector.

Sessions and International Participation

  • The event will host a total of 48 sessions, each focusing on different aspects of the food processing industry. Topics will range from financial empowerment and quality assurance to innovations in machinery and technology. This comprehensive coverage ensures that attendees gain valuable insights into the industry’s various facets.

World Food India 2023: A Global Gathering of Food Industry Leaders

  • World Food India 2023 is expected to attract participants from over 80 countries, including CEOs of prominent food processing companies. It will also feature a Reverse Buyer Seller Meet, where more than 1200 overseas buyers from over 80 countries will explore the wide array of Indian food products.

Partner and Focus Countries

  • In this edition of World Food India, the Netherlands will serve as the partner country, symbolizing the event’s international reach and collaborations. Japan will be the focus country, shedding light on its unique contributions and innovations in the global food sector.

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