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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Historic Feature on Newsweek Cover

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to make history as the first Indian Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi to grace the cover of Newsweek. In a comprehensive interview, PM Modi discussed a spectrum of topics, including China, economic reforms, the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Quad alliance, and the role of democracy in India.

Transformative Economic Reforms

PM Modi highlighted India’s commitment to economic transformation, citing landmark policies such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST), corporate tax reductions, and reforms in labor laws. He emphasized India’s attractiveness as a global manufacturing hub, underpinned by world-class infrastructure and skilled talent.

Ensuring Government Accountability

Addressing concerns about governance, PM Modi reaffirmed his government’s dedication to fulfilling promises made to the electorate. Despite global trends of waning support for governments, Modi noted a surge in popular backing for his administration, attributing it to tangible achievements and effective governance.

Upholding Democratic Principles

With pride in India’s democratic heritage, PM Modi underscored the nation’s robust electoral process, with over 970 million eligible voters set to participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He hailed the role of the media as a crucial feedback mechanism in sustaining Indian democracy, emphasizing the importance of vibrant media participation in the democratic process.

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