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Pune: Asia’s first subsea research lab at MIT-World Peace University

Pune, India – In a groundbreaking development, MIT-World Peace University (WPU) has unveiled Asia’s first-ever subsea research lab, the Centre for Subsea Engineering Research (CSER). The state-of-the-art facility, created in collaboration with Aker Solutions, aims to revolutionize training and education for the global oil and gas industry by providing real-world experience and fostering multi-disciplinary talent.

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Addressing the Skill Gap in the Energy Sector:

The CSER, an initiative of MIT-WPU’s Department of Petroleum Engineering, marks a significant milestone in the institution’s commitment to equipping students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Dr. Samarth Patwardhan, the head of the subsea lab and Professor in Petroleum Engineering, emphasized the lab’s potential impact on producing highly skilled professionals who are prepared to address future challenges in the industry.

A Comprehensive Platform for Training and Collaboration:

The subsea research lab offers a wide range of applications and resources to various stakeholders in the energy sector. It serves as a hands-on academic platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students, facilitating curriculum experiments and promoting practical learning in petroleum engineering. The lab also facilitates joint professional training programs with industry experts in subsea engineering and Industrial Safety and Health Engineering (ISHE).

Furthermore, the facility aims to raise awareness about subsea engineering by organizing tours and educational programs for college and school students, as well as industry professionals. It acts as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in subsea engineering, offering real-time drilling and well-controlled systems for simulation experiments.

A Collaborative Approach to Research and Development:

MIT-WPU’s subsea laboratory is keen to collaborate with both industry and government entities, both nationally and internationally, to initiate joint research projects. By fostering partnerships, the lab aims to generate knowledge and contribute to enhancing the country’s energy security. The establishment of the CSER represents a significant step towards addressing the skill gap in the oil and gas industry and nurturing diverse skill sets across multiple disciplines.

Acknowledging Aker Solutions’ Role:

Aker Solutions, a leading global provider of engineering services and solutions for the energy industry, has played a pivotal role in supporting MIT-WPU throughout the subsea research lab project. From concept to completion, Aker Solutions has contributed to the design, procurement, fabrication, installation, assembly, and equipment testing of the facility. Their partnership with MIT-WPU exemplifies a collaborative effort to bridge the skill gap and meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

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