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Putin Kicks Off Russia’s 2024 BRICS Chairmanship


On January 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially marked the commencement of Russia’s 2024 BRICS Chairmanship. During this handover, President Putin emphasized the motto for the upcoming tenure, “Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security.” This signifies Russia’s commitment to fostering collaboration among the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Focus on Positive and Constructive Cooperation

  • In an official statement, President Putin outlined Russia’s approach to its BRICS Chairmanship. The emphasis will be on positive and constructive cooperation with all concerned countries.
  • The overarching strategy will continue to promote BRICS partnerships in politics and security, economy and finance, as well as cultural and humanitarian contacts.

Priorities for Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship

  • President Putin articulated Russia’s priorities, which encompass a wide array of sectors. These include cooperation in science, high technology, healthcare, environmental protection, culture, sports, youth exchanges, and civil society.
  • Furthermore, Putin highlighted that BRICS is garnering increasing support from like-minded countries, emphasizing its principles such as sovereign equality, mutual consideration of interests, openness, consensus, and the aspiration for a multipolar international order.

New Category of BRICS Partner Countries

  • Russia’s President underscored the need to work on the modalities of a new category of BRICS partner countries.
  • Approximately 30 countries are being considered for inclusion in some form into the BRICS multidimensional agenda.
  • This move aims to facilitate the integration of new participants into various aspects of BRICS activities, building on the experience gained by the association over the years.

Enhancing Foreign Policy Coordination

  • Putin emphasized Russia’s commitment to enhancing foreign policy coordination among BRICS member countries. The focus will be on developing joint responses to challenges and threats to international and regional security and stability.
  • Additionally, the practical implementation of the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025 and the Action Plan for BRICS Innovation Cooperation 2021-2024 will be prioritized.
  • Russia aims to contribute to energy and food security, bolster the role of BRICS in the international monetary system, expand interbank cooperation, and increase the use of national currencies in mutual trade.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the motto of Russia’s 2024 BRICS Chairmanship?
A) Unity for Global Prosperity
B) Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security
C) Harmony in International Relations

2. What principles underlie BRICS, as stated by President Putin?
A) Hegemony, Isolationism, and Unilateralism
B) Equality, Consensus, and Multipolarity
C) Authoritarianism, Secrecy, and Exclusivity

Please provide your answers in the comments section

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