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Qutub Minar Controversy: 44 out of 50 protesters detained by Delhi Police

Qutub Minar Controversy

A pro-Hindu organization gathered near Qutub Minar to recite Hanuman Chalisa which is the start of the Qutub Minar Controversy. The group gathered and staged a protest demanding that Qutub Minar should be renamed Vishnu stambh. The government has appointed heavy police barricading to protect the Qutub Minar from the protesters of the United Hindu front and Rashtrawadi Shivsena activists. Many of the protesters and activists were arrested and detained by the Delhi police. The Hindu organization claims that the Qutub Minar is a Vishnu pillar and it is built by Delhi’s first Mughal emperor after the demolition of 27 Jain and Hindu temples.

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44 out of 50 Protestors detained by Delhi Police

BJP leader Jai Bhagwan Goyal who is the national president of Rashtrawadi Shivsena alleged that he was arrested from his home.  “We had informed the area police commissioner about our program to chant Hanuman Chalisa, but the ACP and SHO arrive at my house around 7:00 a.m. with around 50 policemen and put me under house arrest.” The deputy commissioner of police Benita Mary Jaiker denied and said that no permission was granted by the police for the gathering outside the Qutub Minar and chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. According to the deputy commissioner, there were 50 participants in the demonstration and they belong to the United Hindu front and Rashtrawadi Shivsena. Deputy commissioner Jaikar said ” out of the 50 demonstrators, 44 detained under section 65 of the Delhi police act, all of them released before 6:00 p.m.” she also informed that no first information report was registered.

Jai Bhagwan Goyal claims that the Qutub Minar was originally a Hindu temple and several idols were placed in the complex. He said ” Qutub-Uddin-Aibak made the Qutub Minar in 1100 AD by altering our Vishnu stambh and breaking our Sai, Hindu, and Jain temples. He wrote Qutub Minar on the pillar. Even today idols of our gods and goddesses are still a part of the complex which is clear proof of the fact our Hindu temples were broken to make Qutub Minar.” He also added, “We have given a memorandum of demands to union Home minister Amit Shah and tourism minister G Krishnan Reddy.”

According to professionals of history and ancient books, Qutub-Uddin-Aibak constructed the Qutub Minar around 1200 AD as a tower of victory. It was completed in 1220 by his son-in-law and successor Aibak, Illtumish. After that, in the 14 century few additions were made to the structure by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and in the 19th century some addition for made by the British to the complex.

The Archaeological Survey of India which maintains the monuments in India said that “No incident took place inside the Qutub Minar complex and neither was anyone able to enter the complex. There was adequate police presence outside the complex. We cannot control what people do outside the complex.”

Besides this, the demonstrators also demanded the removal of idols from the complex. The national museum authority has proposed an idea for the archaeological survey of India to remove the Ganesh idols from the Qutub Minar complex and place them in the national museum as a national heritage.

FAQ is related to the Qutub Minar controversy

1. What is the Qutub Minar protest all about?
Ans. Qutub Minar complex is called the Vishnu stambh by the United Hindu front. The United Hindu front demands the renovation of the Qutub Minar complex by installing idols of Hindu gods and goddesses and allowing Hindus to worship there. Many priests and saints came into support of this and decided to recite Hanuman Chalisa in the complex after which they were arrested by the police.

2. Is Qutub Minar a Vishnu pillar?
Ans. The Hindu organization believes that the Qutub Minar is a Vishnu pillar that was built by Delhi’s first Mughal emperor who demolished 27 Jain and Hindu temples to build the Qutub Minar. There is no such evidence of the Qutub Minar being the Vishnu pillar in history.

3. Who was the first ruler to build the Qutub Minar?
Ans. Qutub-Uddin-Aibak was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi who started the construction of the Qutub Minar in 1200 AD. He was only able to finish the basement and after him, his successor and son-in-law Illtumish completed the construction of the Qutub Minar.

4. Why is Hanuman chalisa recited in Qutub Minar?
Ans. The United Hindu front organized a recitation of Hanuman Chalisa in front of the Qutub Minar complex to fulfill their demands of renaming the complex to the Vishnu pillar.


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