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Ranks in Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

The Indian Armed Forces, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, form a crucial defense foundation. Characterized by a well-structured hierarchy, each branch follows a distinct rank system, representing a clear chain of command. The Army progresses through ranks such as Lieutenant, Captain, Major and advances to higher levels like Colonel, Brigadier and Major General. Similarly, the Air Force features titles like Flying Officer, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander and Air Marshal, while the Navy utilizes designations such as Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Captain and Admiral. This organized structure ensures effective command and control, vital for operational efficiency and strategic preparedness.

Equivalent Ranks in Indian Armed Forces

The hierarchical positions within the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy symbolize the disciplined structure and coordination inherent in the military. These ranks reflect the unwavering dedication of the personnel who protect the nation’s borders and interest, collaborating seamlessly national security. A comprehensive grasp of equivalent ranks across these branches is essential for seamless communication and synergy.

Ranks of Commissioned Officers in Indian Armed Forces

Commissioned Officers spearhead operations and maintain discipline within their respective branches. The following is an overview of commissioned officer ranks in the Indian Armed Forces:

Ranks in Indian Army Officers

Lieutenant ⇒ Captain ⇒ Major ⇒ Lieutenant Colonel ⇒ Colonel ⇒ Brigadier ⇒ Major General ⇒ Lieutenant General ⇒ General ⇒ Field Marshal

Indian army commissioned ranks

Ranks in Air Force

Flight Cadet ⇒ Flying Officer ⇒ Flight Lieutenant ⇒ Squadron Leader ⇒ Wing Commander ⇒ Group Captain ⇒ Air Commodore ⇒ Air Vice Marshal ⇒ Air Marshal ⇒ Air Chief Marshal ⇒ Marshal of the Indian Air Force

Indian air force commissioned ranks

Ranks in Navy

Sub Lieutenant ⇒ Lieutenant ⇒ Lieutenant Commander ⇒ Commander ⇒ Captain ⇒ Captain ⇒ Vice Admiral ⇒ Vice Admiral / FOC-in-C /VCNS ⇒ Admiral ⇒ Admiral of the Feat

Indian navy commissioned ranks

Equivalent Ranks Across Indian Armed Forces

Air Force Army Navy
Marshal of the Indian Air Force Field Marshal Admiral of the Fleet
Air Chief Marshal General Admiral
Air Marshal Lieutenant General (Army Commodore/ VCOAS) Vice Admiral / FOC-in-C / VCNS
Air Vice Marshal Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
Air Commodore Brigadier Captain
Group Captain Colonel Captain
Wing Commander Lieutenant Colonel Commander
Squadron Leader Major Lieutenant Commander
Flight Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant
Flying Officer Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant
Flight Cadet

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Other Ranks

The backbone of operational efficiency, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs), NCOs and Other ranks bridges the gap between officers and soldiers.

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) Ranks

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) in the Indian Armed Forces represent a distinct group of officers who ascend from the non-commissioned officer (NCO) ranks. Here are the ranks of JCOs, NCOs and Other ranks in Indian Armed Forces:

Ranks in Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard | DDE

Indian Amry

Nail Subedar ⇒ Subedar ⇒ Subedar Major

Indian Air Force

Junior Warrant officer ⇒ Warrant Officer ⇒ Warrant Officer


Chief Petty Officer ⇒ Master Chief Petty Officer II ⇒ Master Chief Petty Officer I

Indian Army Navy Indian Air Force
Subedar Major Master Chief Petty Officer I Warrant Officer
Subedar Master Chief Petty Officer II Warrant Officer
Naib Subedar Chief Petty Officer Junior Warrant Officer

NCOs and Other Ranks

The other ranks in the Indian Armed Forces include non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

Indian Amry

Sepoy ⇒ Lance Naik ⇒ Naik ⇒ Havildar

Indian Navy

Seaman ⇒ Leading Seaman ⇒ Able Seaman ⇒Petty Officer

Indian Air Force

Aircraftman ⇒ Leading Aircraftman ⇒ Corporal ⇒ Sergeant

Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
Havildar Petty Officer Sergeant
Naik Able Seaman Corporal
Lance Naik Leading Seaman Leading Aircraftman
Sepoy Seaman Aircraftman

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