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RBI Central Board Holds 605th Meeting to Deliberate on Economic Landscape

Ekta Nagar (Kevadia), December 18: The 605th gathering of the Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India, led by Governor Shaktikanta Das, meticulously examined the prevailing economic and financial landscape. The discussions, held against the backdrop of the challenging global geopolitical developments, aimed to dissect both domestic and international scenarios.

I. Comprehensive Economic and Financial Review

  • The board scrutinized the economic and financial conditions globally and domestically.
  • Special attention was given to the intricate challenges arising from ongoing geopolitical shifts.

II. Exploration of Central Office Departments’ Activities

  • In-depth discussions unfolded regarding the activities of select central office departments.
  • The board delved into the nuances of various departments to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

III. Unveiling the Draft Report on Banking Trends (2022-23)

  • A key highlight included the discussion on the draft report, shedding light on the trends and progress of banking in India for the fiscal year 2022-23.
  • The thorough examination sought to provide insights into the trajectory and evolution of the banking sector.

IV. Distinguished Attendees at the Central Board Meeting

  • Directors on the central board, namely Satish K Marathe, Revathy Iyer, Anand Gopal Mahindra, and Ravindra H Dholakia, actively participated.
  • Key figures like RBI Deputy Governors Michael Debabrata Patra, M Rajeshwar Rao, T Rabi Sankar, and Swaminathan J, along with Department of Economic Affairs Secretary Ajay Seth, contributed significantly to the deliberations.

Questions Related to Exams

Q: What was the focus of the 605th RBI board meeting?

A: The meeting, chaired by Governor Shaktikanta Das, focused on reviewing global and domestic economic and financial scenarios, addressing challenges from geopolitical developments.

Q: Any specific discussions on internal matters?

A: Yes, discussions included activities of central office departments and a draft report on banking trends (2022-23).

Q: Who participated in the meeting?

A: Key participants were central board directors, including Satish K Marathe and Revathy Iyer, RBI Deputy Governors, and Department of Economic Affairs Secretary Ajay Seth.


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