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RBI Deputy Governor M. Rajeshwar Rao Gets One-Year Term Extension


In a recent development, the Central government has granted a one-year extension to M Rajeshwar Rao’s term as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The announcement was made via an official statement from the Reserve Bank, indicating that the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved this re-appointment.

Continuing the Journey

M Rajeshwar Rao was originally appointed as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank in October 2020, with a term of three years. His initial assignment was to oversee financial regulation within the central bank. However, this new extension will allow him to continue his vital role for an additional year, starting from October 9, 2023, or until further orders are issued, whichever comes first.

A Distinguished Career

Rao’s journey within the Reserve Bank of India has been marked by his contributions in various capacities. Before becoming Deputy Governor, he held the position of Chief General Manager of the Financial Markets Operations Department, where he gained substantial experience in managing the intricacies of financial markets.

In November 2016, Rao was promoted to the role of Executive Director. During this tenure, he oversaw several key departments, including statistics and information management, financial markets operations, and the international department, highlighting his versatility and deep understanding of the central bank’s functions.

A Varied Portfolio

What sets M Rajeshwar Rao apart is his comprehensive exposure to the various facets of RBI’s functioning. He previously led the Risk Monitoring Department, a critical area responsible for ensuring financial stability and minimizing risks in the banking and financial sector.

His contributions to the RBI extended beyond its headquarters in Mumbai. Rao has also served as the Banking Ombudsman in New Delhi, showcasing his commitment to resolving customer grievances and promoting transparency and fairness in the banking industry.

Regional Expertise

Rao’s career path within the RBI has seen him working in several regional offices. He has contributed his expertise in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, and the national capital, New Delhi, further enriching his understanding of India’s diverse financial landscape.

Educational Background

M Rajeshwar Rao’s academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in economics. He has also earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Cochin. His educational background, combined with decades of experience in the central banking sector, equips him with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex challenges of the financial world.

A Key Figure in India’s Central Banking Sector

His diverse experience, regional expertise, and strong educational background position him as a key figure in the central banking sector as India continues to navigate the intricacies of its financial landscape.

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