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RBI Imposes Business Restrictions on Edelweiss Group

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken stringent action against Edelweiss Group’s lending and asset reconstruction arms due to concerns regarding the manipulation of loans and structured transactions. This move comes amidst the central bank’s ongoing efforts to curb evergreening of loans and ensure regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Restrictions on Edelweiss Arms

The RBI has barred Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd (EARCL) from acquiring financial assets, including security receipts (SRs), and reorganizing existing SRs into senior and subordinate tranches. Additionally, ECL Finance Ltd (ECL) has been instructed to cease undertaking any structured transactions concerning its wholesale exposures, except for account repayment and closure.

Reasons for Action

The regulatory intervention stems from observed malpractices, primarily the concerted efforts of Edelweiss entities in engaging in structured transactions to evergreen stressed exposures. These actions, facilitated through the platform of EARCL and connected Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), have been seen as attempts to circumvent applicable regulations.

Findings of Regulatory Concern

The RBI highlighted various discrepancies and non-compliances within Edelweiss Group entities, including incorrect valuation of SRs, submission of inaccurate details of eligible book debts, non-compliance with loan-to-value norms, and improper reporting to regulatory systems like the Central Repository for Information on Large Credits (CRILC). Furthermore, ECL’s involvement in loan transfers from non-lender entities to the group’s ARC for ultimate sale was identified as a circumvention of regulatory norms.

Violation Specifics

ECL’s wrong practices extended to non-adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines and the misuse of its position to circumvent regulations restricting ARCs from acquiring financial assets solely from banks and financial institutions. Similarly, EARCL was found to have disregarded RBI supervisory letters, violated settlement regulations, and shared non-public client information with group entities.

Call for Corrective Measures

Despite these regulatory concerns, the RBI noted a lack of meaningful corrective action by Edelweiss Group entities. Consequently, the imposed business restrictions aim to compel the group to address these deficiencies effectively. The RBI emphasized the need for strengthened assurance functions to ensure regulatory compliance in letter and spirit.

Review and Compliance

The RBI has stipulated that the imposed restrictions will be subject to review upon the rectification of supervisory observations by Edelweiss Group entities to the satisfaction of the central bank.

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