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Real-life ‘superheroes’ fly in the world’s first jet suit race

Dubai witnessed an extraordinary event with the city-state’s inaugural jet suit race. Organized by Gravity Industries in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, this groundbreaking competition showcased pilots equipped with jet engines on their hands and backs, resembling real-life ‘Iron Men’.

Futuristic Setting Against Dubai’s Skyline

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai Marina’s iconic skyscrapers, the futuristic display featured pilots skillfully navigating the course with their powerful jet suits. The event took place on a runway at Dubai Marina, used by Skydive Dubai, a company associated with Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, known for offering exhilarating experiences.

Powerful Jet Suits

These remarkable jet suits, boasting an impressive 1,500 horsepower, outmatched the power of many luxury sports cars. Fueled by aviation fuel used by Dubai-based airline Emirates for its commercial aircraft, including Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, the jet suits represented cutting-edge technology in action.

High-Speed Action

While each jet suit has the capability to reach speeds of up to 80 mph (128 km/h), the pilots opted for a safer approach during the event. Maneuvering around obstacles in a water channel for added safety, the pilots demonstrated remarkable control and agility. Despite a few minor collisions between racers, only one pilot found themselves in the water. Remarkably, the Emirati pilot, with just 12 days of training, swiftly recovered and signaled a thumbs-up to rescuers.

Gravity Industries’ Milestones

Gravity Industries, known for its groundbreaking work, gained international recognition by outfitting a UK Royal Marine with a jet suit for a daring sea landing. Collaborating with the Dubai Sports Council marked another significant milestone for the company as it explores the potential of jet suit technology beyond military applications.

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