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Record-Breaking US Visa Applications by Indians in 2023

In a remarkable achievement, the US Mission in India exceeded its target by processing a staggering one million non-immigrant visa applications in 2023. This milestone signifies the growing interest of Indians in visiting the United States.

Indians Account for Over 10% of Global Visa Applicants

Indians have emerged as a dominant force in the realm of US visa applications, constituting more than 10% of all visa applicants worldwide. This surge in interest reflects the enduring allure of the United States for Indian travelers.

20% of All Student Visa Applicants

Notably, Indian students have displayed a remarkable affinity for American education, with 20% of all student visa applicants hailing from India. This statistic underscores the reputation of US universities as a preferred destination for higher education among Indian scholars.

65% of H&L-Category (Employment) Visa Applicants

In the professional arena, Indians are making a significant mark, constituting a whopping 65% of all H&L-category (employment) visa applicants. This reflects the strong economic ties and opportunities that the United States offers to Indian professionals.

Surpassing Pre-Covid Levels

The US Mission in India has not only met but exceeded its pre-pandemic benchmarks, with visa application numbers soaring by 20% compared to 2019. This resurgence in interest signifies the gradual return of normalcy in international travel post-Covid.

Personal Touch from US Ambassador

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, personally presented the one millionth visa to a delighted couple. Their journey to the United States to attend their son’s graduation at MIT symbolizes the dreams and aspirations that many Indian families have of American education and opportunities.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As the year progresses, the mission continues to process visa applications at an accelerated rate, indicating sustained enthusiasm among Indians for visiting the United States. This bodes well for fostering cultural exchange, educational pursuits, and economic partnerships between the two nations.

A Lasting Impression

Ambassador Garcetti, affectionately referring to the couple as “Mr. and Mrs. One Million,” engaged with them, sharing insights and recommendations for their upcoming trip. This personal touch exemplifies the warmth and hospitality extended by the US Embassy to Indian visa applicants.

Previous Year’s Success

Last year, over 1.2 million Indians visited the United States, reaffirming the enduring bond between the two nations and the ever-growing interest of Indians in exploring the vast opportunities that the United States has to offer.

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