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Reliance Industries Achieves India’s First ISCC-Plus Certification


Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the Mumbai-based conglomerate with a diverse portfolio in energy and petrochemical businesses, concluded the year 2023 on a remarkable note. The company achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first in India to produce ISCC-Plus certified chemically recycled polymers.

The Breakthrough Announcement

On December 29, RIL proudly declared that it had successfully shipped its inaugural batch of ISCC-Plus certified circular polymers, named CircuRepol (polypropylene) and CircuRelene (polyethylene), to an undisclosed client. This achievement underscores RIL’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovation in the petrochemical industry.

ISCC-Plus Certification at Jamnagar Refinery

The ISCC-Plus certification applies to RIL’s Jamnagar refinery, situated in the state of Gujarat. This recognition is a testament to the company’s dedication to meeting international standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. RIL’s Jamnagar refinery has implemented a continuous catalytic pyrolysis technology, designed to convert various plastic wastes, including single-use and multi-layered plastics, into pyrolysis oil.

Advanced Pyrolysis Technology

RIL’s proprietary continuous catalytic pyrolysis technology stands out as a breakthrough in the quest for sustainable plastic waste management. While specific values for the technology’s performance were not disclosed, the company emphasizes that it yields high-quality pyrolysis oil. The successful validation of this technology at a demonstration scale signifies a step forward in addressing the global issue of plastic waste.

Production Capacity and Future Plans

The Jamnagar refinery boasts a capacity to output up to 600 tonnes of pyrolysis oil per month. RIL, in a statement, outlined its long-term plans, which include the establishment of in-house technology plants and a strategic scaling up of capacities. This ambitious vision aligns with the conglomerate’s goal of making substantial contributions to a sustainable and circular economy.

ISCC Plus: A Globally Recognized Certification

Internationally recognized, ISCC Plus stands as the leading global certification system providing supply chain transparency and traceability for sustainable feedstocks used in the production of chemically recycled polymers. Companies obtaining ISCC Plus certification commit to ensuring that the sustainability of their raw materials can be transparently traced from the field to the store. This involves adhering to mass balance or material segregation chain of custody models, which track the amount of bio-based, circular, or renewable content across the entire value chain.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Which technology did RIL implement at the Jamnagar refinery for plastic waste?
a) Mechanical Recycling
b) Catalytic Pyrolysis
c) Incineration

2. What are the names of the ISCC-Plus certified circular polymers produced by RIL?
a) CircuPetro and CircuEnergy
b) CircuRepol and CircuRelene
c) CircuPoly and CircuTech

3. Where is RIL’s Jamnagar refinery located?
a) Mumbai
b) Gujarat
c) Delhi

4. What does ISCC Plus certification ensure in the supply chain?
a) Quality Control
b) Chain of Custody Transparency
c) Cost Efficiency

Please provide your answers in the comments section.

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