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Reliance to buy 13% of Paramount’s stake in Viacom18 for Rs 4,286 crore

Reliance Industries, India’s largest private company, has announced its acquisition of Paramount Global’s entire 13.01% stake in Viacom 18 Media for Rs 4,286 crore ($517 million). This significant transaction underscores Reliance’s strategic positioning in the media industry, further solidifying its presence in the competitive market.

Agreement Details:

  • Reliance Industries has entered a binding agreement to purchase Paramount Global’s stake in Viacom 18 Media, held through its subsidiaries.
  • The deal amounts to Rs 4,286 crore ($517 million), indicating a substantial investment by Reliance.

Continued Collaboration with Paramount:

  • Paramount Global has confirmed its commitment to continue licensing its content to Viacom18, even after the acquisition.
  • This agreement ensures the seamless integration of Paramount’s content into Viacom18’s offerings, enhancing the platform’s appeal to consumers.

Impact on TV18 Broadcast and Viacom18:

  • Post-transaction, TV18 Broadcast’s stake in Viacom18 will rise to 70.49%, consolidating its control over the subsidiary.
  • Viacom18, known for its diverse portfolio of 40 television channels including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV, stands to benefit from this strategic alignment.

Future Prospects:

  • This transaction is contingent upon the completion of Reliance’s previously announced merger with Walt Disney, focusing on their India TV and streaming media assets.
  • The merger is poised to reshape the Indian media landscape, creating synergies that drive innovation and competitiveness in the market.




Reliance to buy 13% of Paramount's stake in Viacom18 for Rs 4,286 crore_4.1