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Richest Woman in the World 2023 List of Top 10 Women

Forbes Magazine has been annually releasing the Billionaires list since 1987, a ranking that categories the wealthiest individuals globally according to their verified net worth. This compilation offers a snapshot of the world’s richest billionaires each year, typically in March.

The net total worth of each person is approximated on the basis of their reported assets and accounting for debt and other considerations. The ranking published the net total worth of each person in US dollar. These rankings do not include royalty or dictators whose wealth is derived from their status.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World By May 2024

As of May 2024, the world’s richest woman is Francoise Bettencourt Meyers with the estimated net worth of $98.2 billion, followed by Alice Walton, Julia Koch and Jacqueline Mars.

Here is the list of Top 10 richest woman in the world:

S. No. Name Net Worth (in US Dollar) Source Country
1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $98.2 B L’Oreal France
2. Alice Walton $77.2 B Walmart USA
3. Julia Koch $66.3 B Koch Industries USA
4. Jacqueline Mars $39.4 B Mars, Inc. USA
5. Savitri Jindal $38 B JSW Group India
6. Rafaela Aponte-Diamant $35.5 B MSC Switzerland
7. Mackenzie Scott $33.7 B Amazon USA
8. Gina Reinhart $30.8 B Hancock Prospecting Australia
9. Abigail Johnson $29.7 B Fidelity Investments USA
10. Miriam Adelson & family $23.6 B Antofagasta plc United States

About Top 5 Richest Woman in the world

1. World’s Richest Woman: Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Vermögendste Frau der Welt holt Family-Office-Führungskraft

Age: 70

Net worth: $98.2 B

Source of wealth: L’Oreal

Country: France

Françoise, the richest woman globally, owes her immense wealth to generational fortune. As the granddaughter of L’Oréal’s founder, she and her family hold more than a third of the company. She also serves as the chairwoman of the family holding company. Although the company’s performance declined during the pandemic, it has significantly recovered. By the end of 2023, Françoise became the first woman to reach a $100 billion net worth.

2. World’s second Richest Woman: Alice Walton

Philanthropist Alice Walton discusses her interest in healthcare reform - Talk Business & Politics

Age: 74

Net worth: $77.2 B

Source of wealth: Walmart

Country: USA

Alice Walton, the second richest woman in the world, is an heiress to the Walmart fortune. She is one of the children of Walmart founder Sam Walton and has three brothers, two of whom are involved in the family business, unlike Alice, who has pursued a passion for art. In 2011, she established the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in her hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. Recently, Alice made headlines by selling over $21 million worth of stock from the Walton Family Holdings Trust, where she serves as a trustee.

3. World’s third Richest Woman in the world: Julia Koch

How Julia Koch became one of the richest women in the world: the widow of billionaire David Koch inherited a family net worth of over US$60 billion ... and a very impressive

Age: 62

Net worth: $66.3 B

Source of wealth: Koch Industries

Country: USA

Julia Koch, the third richest woman in the world, inherited 42 percent of Koch Industries along with her three children after her husband David’s death in 2019. Julia is well-known for her philanthropic efforts. Through the Julia Koch Family Foundation™, she has donated $75 million to NYU Langone Health to establish a new, state-of-the-art Ambulatory Care Center in West Palm Beach.


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Who is the richest woman in the World?

Francoise is a French businesswoman and the current richest woman in the world with the net worth of around $98.2 B.

Who is the second richest woman in the world?

The second richest woman in the world is Alice Walton with the net worth of $77.2 B.

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