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Royal Society of Chemistry and CSIR collaborate for chemistry in Indian schools

Royal Society of Chemistry and CSIR collaborate: A initiative to promote chemical sciences in schools and universities is being supported by a partnership between the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Council for Industry and Scientific Research (CSIR). Throughout 30 CSIR laboratories hosted the RSC’s Global Coin experiment, which involved about 2000 students from all over the nation.

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Royal Society of Chemistry and CSIR collaborate: Key Points

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organisations states that they will collaborate on the CSIR’s Jigyasa programme, an outreach initiative for researchers and schoolchildren that spans all of India.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding will not involve money and will have a minimum three-year term with the possibility of extension.
  • From mining and oceanography to chemicals and nanotechnology, the CSIR is committed to research and development across the range of science and technology.
  • The organisation has a network of outreach centres and labs spread all across India.
  • The Jigyasa programme will enhance India’s current educational initiatives.
  • For instance, the RSC-Jigyasa relationship will support the development of many online education projects as well as the expansion of the RSC’s current teacher training programme and Chemistry Camps.

Royal Society of Chemistry and CSIR: Important Takeaways

  • Royal Society of Chemistry CEO: Helen Pain
  • Director General of CSIR-cum-Secretary DSIR: Dr. N Kalaiselvi

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