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RTI released data, 60% of voters linked Aadhaar to voter ID

60% of voters linked Aadhaar to voter ID: RTI Data

According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), more than 60% of India’s 94.5 crore voters have connected their Aadhaar numbers to their voter IDs. There are 56,90,83,090 voters who are linked to their Aadhaar overall.

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RTI Data: Key Points

  • With almost 92% of voters in the State providing their Aadhaar information to the Election Commission, Tripura had the highest rate of Aadhaar linking during last week’s elections.
  • Some of these voters may have submitted Form 6B, which the EC introduced last year, with papers other than Aadhaar, such as PAN, a driver’s licence, or a passport.
  • The Aadhaar is the primary requirement on the form, though, and voters can only submit an alternate document after admitting that they do not have an Aadhaar.
  • By enabling election officials to obtain the 12 digit number from voters, the Election Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021 was passed to eliminate duplicate voter registration lists.
  • After Tripura, Lakshadweep and Madhya Pradesh are in second and third place, respectively, with nearly 91% and 86% of voters providing the information.

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What is the percentage of the other states?

  • On average, voters in southern States have not submitted their Aadhaar in such quantities.
  • Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh both fell short of 71%, while Tamil Nadu and Kerala are somewhere between 61% and 63%.
  • Gujarat, where only 31.5% of voters have connected the identification card to their voter registration, has the lowest rate of Aadhaar registration. In the nation’s capital, less than 34% of voters were linked to their Aadhaar.

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