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Sandeep Shandilya Assumes Role As Hyderabad Police Commissioner


The Election Commission of India made a significant announcement on October 13, by appointing senior IPS officer Sandeep Shandilya as the new police commissioner of Hyderabad. Shandilya, an officer of the 1993 IPS batch, is presently serving as the director of the Telangana State Police Academy (TSPA). This decision comes after the transfer of the former police commissioner, CV Anand.

Sandeep Shandilya’s Impressive Career

Sandeep Shandilya has had a distinguished career in the Indian Police Service. His journey through various positions within the police force is a testament to his experience and leadership. In the year 2006, he served as the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the South Zone, demonstrating his capabilities in maintaining law and order.

From Special Investigations to Police Commissioner

His contributions to the force continued as he served as the Additional Commissioner of Police in the Crimes and Special Investigation Team (SIT) department in Hyderabad between November 2012 to October 2014. His track record and expertise earned him the nomination as the new police commissioner of Hyderabad.

The Election Commission’s Directive

The Election Commission’s decision to transfer the incumbent police commissioner, CV Anand, was a significant move aimed at ensuring the smooth conduct of upcoming elections in the state. The commission ordered the state government to provide three names of senior IPS officers with the rank of Additional Director General of Police. This directive was a part of the commission’s efforts to maintain law and order during the election period and prevent any potential election-related offenses.

Sandeep Shandilya’s Nomination and Confirmation

Following the Election Commission’s directive, the Chief Secretary recommended three names of senior IPS officers for the position of Hyderabad’s police commissioner, including Sandeep Shandilya. The Election Commission reviewed the recommendations and cleared the name of Sandeep Shandilya. He was directed to take charge as the police commissioner of Hyderabad without delay, indicating the commission’s confidence in his ability to maintain law and order during the critical election period.

A Smooth Transition

Additional Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Vikram Singh Mann took over as the in-charge Hyderabad city police commissioner on Thursday, October 12, following the transfer of CV Anand. Mann promptly held a video conference with the city police force to discuss strategies for preventing election offenses and strengthening security in the city, ensuring a seamless transition of leadership.

Additional Changes in Leadership

It’s important to note that the Election Commission’s actions didn’t stop with the transfer of CV Anand. The EC also transferred the commissioners of Warangal and Nizamabad, AV Ranganath and V Satyanarayana, respectively. These changes in leadership underline the commission’s commitment to ensuring that the upcoming elections are conducted in a secure and law-abiding manner.

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