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‘Sanshodhak’ 4th warship of Indian Navy launched

‘Sanshodhak’ 4th warship of Indian Navy launched

The fourth ship of the Survey Vessels (Large) (SVL) Project, named ‘Sanshodhak’ meaning ‘Researcher’, was launched at Kattupalli, Chennai by L and T/ GRSE for the Indian Navy.

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Where was the Ship launched?

The Ship was launched to the chanting of invocation from Atharva Veda and the chief guest of the Launch Ceremony was VAdm Adhir Arora, Chief Hydrographer to Government of India.

Who built the ‘Sanshodhak’ 4th warship of the Indian Navy?

  • The contract for building four SVL ships was signed between MoD and Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata on 30 Oct 2018.
  • The first three ships of the project, Sandhayak, Nirdeshak, and Ikshak were launched on 05 Dec 2021, 26 May 2022, and 26 Nov 2022, respectively.
  • The Survey Vessels Large ships are 110 m long, 16 m wide and have a displacement of 3,400 tons with over 80% indigenous content by cost.

Why it is so important?

  • They will replace the existing Sandhayak Class survey ships, with new generation hydrographic equipment to collect oceanographic data.
  • The primary role of the ships is to undertake full-scale coastal and deep-water hydrographic surveys of Ports and navigational channels.
  • The ships would also be deployed for collecting oceanographic and geophysical data for defence as well as civil applications.
  • In their secondary role, the ships can provide limited defence, HADR, and serve as a Hospital ship during emergencies.

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