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Scientist Srinivas R. Kulkarni Honoured with Prestigious Shaw Prize in Astronomy

Srinivas R. Kulkarni, an Indian-origin U.S. scientist and brother of renowned author Sudha Murty, has been awarded the prestigious Shaw Prize in Astronomy for 2024. This prestigious recognition celebrates Kulkarni’s groundbreaking discoveries in the field of astronomy, including his pioneering work on millisecond pulsars, gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, and other transient astronomical phenomena.

Illustrious Career and Leadership

Kulkarni’s illustrious career spans decades of pioneering research and leadership roles in the field of astronomy. After obtaining his M.S. from the Indian Institute of Technology in 1978, he went on to earn his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1983. Among his notable achievements, Kulkarni served as the director of Caltech Optical Observatories from 2006 to 2018.

The Shaw Prize: Honoring Scientific Excellence

Instituted by the late Hong Kong philanthropist Run Run Shaw, the Shaw Prize consists of three annual awards in Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences. Each prize carries a monetary award of $1.2 million, recognizing exceptional contributions to these fields.

Shaw Prize 2024 Recipients

Alongside Kulkarni, the 2024 Shaw Prize recipients include Swee Lay Thein and Stuart Orkin from the United States, who received the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine, and Peter Sarnak, another U.S. scientist, who was awarded the Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences.

Celebrating Scientific Excellence

The presentation ceremony for the 21st edition of the Shaw Prize is scheduled for November 12, 2024, in Hong Kong, where the exceptional contributions of these esteemed scientists to their respective fields will be celebrated. This prestigious award not only recognizes Kulkarni’s groundbreaking work but also highlights the significant impact of Indian-origin scientists on the global scientific community.

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