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Sea6 Energy Launches World’s First Large-Scale Mechanized Tropical Seaweed Farm

Sea6 Energy, a pioneer in the Blue Economy, has launched the world’s first large-scale mechanized tropical seaweed farm off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The one-square-kilometer seaweed farm is a significant milestone in establishing the scalability of sustainable tropical seaweed cultivation for various industrial applications.

Overcoming Challenges

Harvesting tropical seaweed at scale has been a significant barrier in the industry, limiting research on its applicability in large industrial applications. Sea6’s vertically integrated technology platform automates various workflows, from seeding to harvesting, and enhances the seaweed feedstock’s shelf life, increasing smallholder farmer productivity.

Promoting Environmental Stewardship and Economic Growth

The launch was attended by dignitaries in Indonesia, including ministers and ambassadors, highlighting the project’s importance in promoting environmental stewardship and fostering economic growth in the region. The Indian Ambassador to Indonesia praised Sea6 Energy’s commitment to scaling up seaweed cultivation and processing, creating local green jobs, and building a sustainable local economy.

Potential Applications

Seaweed is gaining popularity due to its potential as an input feedstock for various products traditionally made from fossil fuels or land-based biomass. Sea6’s farm aims to revolutionize the ocean economy by maximizing efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring the highest standards of product quality, safety, and traceability.

Investor Support and Partnerships

Sea6 Energy has attracted nearly USD $30 million of international investment over the past ten years, including from sustainable aquaculture funds, venture capital firms, and family offices. The Temasek Foundation provided a grant to support the automation and mechanization of the tropical seaweed farm in Ekas.

Sea6 Energy’s pioneering mechanized tropical seaweed farm in Indonesia marks a significant step towards sustainable seaweed cultivation at scale. With the support of investors and partnerships, the company aims to revolutionize the ocean economy by producing renewable and versatile seaweed-based products while promoting environmental stewardship and economic growth in coastal communities.

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