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SEBI Approval for CRISIL’s ESG Ratings Unit

SEBI has granted approval to CRISIL ESG Ratings & Analytics as a Category 1 provider of ESG ratings, marking a significant development in the realm of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessments in India. This accreditation underscores the growing importance of independent ESG ratings in financial markets, particularly in guiding decision-making for issuers and investors towards sustainable practices.

Crisil’s ESG Ratings Journey

Crisil’s foray into ESG ratings began in 2021, and since then, it has monitored over 1,000 companies across 65 sectors. With the establishment of Crisil ESG Ratings as a subsidiary, the focus on ESG scoring intensifies, aligning with global best practices while considering India’s unique sectoral nuances.

Regulatory Mandates and Methodology

SEBI’s regulatory framework requires certified ESG rating providers to adhere to transparent methodologies. This includes the publication of evaluation criteria, proportional weights assigned to environmental, social, and governance factors, and the retention of a minimum ownership interest of 26% by the principal shareholder for at least five years post-regulatory approval.

Impact and Future Implications

The SEBI approval not only validates Crisil’s expertise in ESG assessment but also sets a precedent for foreign agencies seeking to provide ESG rating services in India. ESG ratings serve as vital tools for asset managers and investors, facilitating informed decisions aligned with sustainability goals and ethical considerations.

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