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SEBI Chairperson Launches CDSL’s Multi-Lingual Initiatives for Investor Ease

In celebration of its silver jubilee year, Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL), Asia’s first listed depository, took a significant step towards inclusivity and accessibility in the capital market landscape. SEBI Chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch launched two groundbreaking multi-lingual initiatives at the silver jubilee function held on January 17.

Empowering Inclusion with Multi-Lingual CAS: ‘Apka CAS – Apki Zubaani’

CDSL introduced a revolutionary upgrade in investor Consolidated Account Statement (CAS), enabling investors to receive statements in their preferred language among 23 diverse Indian languages. This initiative, titled ‘Apka CAS – Apki Zubaani,’ aims to provide easier accessibility, offering investors a consolidated view of their securities held in a demat account in a language of their choice.

Breaking Communication Barriers with ‘CDSL Buddy Sahayta 24*7’ Chatbot

A unique multi-lingual chatbot, ‘CDSL Buddy Sahayta 24*7,’ on the CDSL website seeks to simplify investors’ journeys towards ‘Atmanirbharta’ or self-sufficiency. Starting with support in four languages, the chatbot provides round-the-clock assistance, becoming a constant companion for investors navigating the complexities of the securities markets.

CDSL’s Ongoing Commitment to Market Awareness

CDSL showcased its ongoing efforts to deepen market awareness in the areas of cybersecurity and financial literacy through the following:

  • Unveiling of Thought Leadership Report on ‘Reimagine Digital Trust in Capital Markets’: Prepared in collaboration with knowledge partners KPMG, the report stems from key takeaways from CDSL’s recent Cyber Security Symposium. It underscores a significant stride in understanding digital trust, global financial interconnectedness, and resilience against emerging cyber threats.
  • Successful Completion of ‘Neev’ – A 25-City Pan-India Financial Literacy Campaign: As part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations, CDSL successfully concluded the ‘Neev’ campaign, spreading financial literacy across 25 cities. This initiative touched lives in diverse communities, including armed forces and rural areas, embodying a commitment to spreading financial literacy awareness across the breadth and depth of the country.

Important Takeaways For All Competitive Exams

  1. CDSL’s Multilingual Initiatives: SEBI Chairperson launched CDSL’s ‘Apka CAS – Apki Zubaani’ and ‘CDSL Buddy Sahayta 24*7’ chatbot, enhancing accessibility for investors in 23 Indian languages.
  2. Digital Trust Report: CDSL unveiled a thought leadership report on ‘Reimagine Digital Trust in Capital Markets’ in collaboration with KPMG, focusing on cybersecurity and resilience against cyber threats.
  3. Neev Financial Literacy Campaign: CDSL successfully concluded the ‘Neev’ campaign, spreading financial literacy across 25 cities, emphasizing a commitment to broad-based awareness in diverse communities.

Important Questions Related to Exams

  1. What are the two multilingual initiatives launched by CDSL for investor ease?
  2. How many languages are covered in the ‘Apka CAS – Apki Zubaani’ initiative?
  3. What is the name of the multi-lingual chatbot introduced by CDSL for investor assistance?
  4. Which knowledge partners collaborated with CDSL on the Thought Leadership Report about digital trust in capital markets?
  5. What was the focus of CDSL’s Cyber Security Symposium?
  6. How many cities did CDSL’s ‘Neev’ financial literacy campaign cover?

Kindly share your responses in the comment section!!

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