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SEBI Honoured with ‘Best Conduct of Business Regulator’ Award by The Asian Banker

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been awarded the Asia-Pacific region’s ‘Best Conduct of Business Regulator’ by The Asian Banker. The award was received by SEBI’s Whole Time Member, Kamlesh Chandra Varshney, at a ceremony held in Hong Kong.

Significant Achievements

SEBI’s notable achievements include the introduction of the T+1 settlement cycle. This phased initiative, which began in 2021 and was fully implemented by January 2023, has significantly reduced the time investors need to access their funds post-trade. This transition has enhanced market liquidity and efficiency.

Regulatory Excellence

The Asian Banker recognized SEBI for its rigorous enforcement of regulations and innovative practices. These efforts have ensured the fair treatment of consumers and maintained robust market integrity, elevating the standards of business conduct in India’s financial markets.

Impact on Financial Markets

The T+1 settlement cycle, which settles trades one business day after they occur, aims to increase market efficiency and reduce settlement risks. This approach, facilitated by advances in digital technology and regulatory changes, aligns India’s financial market practices with global standards. The U.S. is set to adopt this system by 2024, underscoring the global relevance of SEBI’s initiatives.

About The Asian Banker

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