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SEBI’s Amendments to LODR Regulations: Enhancing Market Capitalization Computation

SEBI has introduced significant amendments to its Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) regulations, focusing on the computation of market capitalization for listed companies. The amendments aim to redefine the criteria for applicability and establish a defined period for calculating average market capitalization.

Revised Applicability Criteria and Calculation Period

Under the amended regulation, recognized stock exchanges are mandated to compile a list of entities with listed specified securities, ranking them based on average market capitalization from July 1 to December 31 of each calendar year.

Sunset Clause Proposal for Regulatory Provisions

In a move that could benefit startupreneurs, SEBI has proposed the addition of a sunset clause to regulatory provisions. If the ranking of an entity changes for three consecutive years, the regulatory provisions would cease to be applicable for the listed entity, providing relief to entities experiencing fluctuations in market capitalization.

Flexibility in Meeting Minimum Promoters’ Contribution (MPC)

SEBI is considering suggestions to ease the MPC requirements, particularly for startup companies. Proposed measures include permitting non-individual shareholders holding 5% or more of the post-offer equity share capital to contribute towards the shortfall in MPC, subject to existing maximum limits.

Inclusion of Equity Shares from Convertible Securities

To meet MPC requirements, SEBI suggests including equity shares received on conversion of fully paid-up compulsory convertible securities, including depository receipts held for more than one year. This proposal aims to provide more flexibility to companies undergoing public issues, aligning regulations with the evolving dynamics of fundraising and capital structure.

Streamlining Regulatory Processes

SEBI’s consultation paper also addresses streamlining regulatory processes, including prior intimation of board meetings and limits on the number of committees independent directors can join. The proposals aim to enhance the ease of doing business while ensuring regulatory compliance and investor protection.

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