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SIDBI Partners with Airbus Helicopters to Finance Helicopter Purchases in India

SIDBI, in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, has entered the realm of helicopter financing in India through a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This partnership aims to facilitate the financing of Airbus helicopters for potential civil operators in the country.

Key Details of the MoU

Under the MoU, SIDBI and Airbus Helicopters will jointly identify and evaluate potential helicopter operators in India seeking financing for Airbus helicopters. Airbus will leverage its technical expertise and industry knowledge to support SIDBI in assessing these prospects.

Statements from Stakeholders

Rahul Priyadarshi, Chief General Manager at SIDBI, expressed optimism about this new venture, emphasizing its potential to open up financing avenues for MSMEs in the helicopter segment.

Sunny Guglani, Head of Airbus Helicopters for India and South Asia, highlighted the significance of this collaboration in making civil helicopters more accessible in India, thereby contributing to national development.

Current Landscape of Helicopter Industry in India

This collaboration signifies SIDBI’s entry into helicopter financing and its commitment to supporting the growth of India’s rotary wing sector. Currently, foreign manufacturers dominate the Indian helicopter market, with Airbus Helicopters being a significant player.

Pawan Hans Ltd., a major operator in India, predominantly uses helicopters manufactured by Airbus. In contrast, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) stands as the sole Indian manufacturer producing fixed-wing aircraft, with limited involvement in the civil helicopter industry.

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